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Black History Month Adapted Book

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Black History Month Adapted Book
Black History Month Adapted Book
Black History Month Adapted Book
Black History Month Adapted Book

This 13 page interactive adapted book helps students celebrate Black History Month through WH questions. Each passage includes 1-2 sentences of informational text about a famous African American and a corresponding 'what' question to check reading comprehension. Students choose the correct answer from a field of 3 cards with both words and a visual cue.

Example passages and questions:
• Booker T. Washington taught himself to read and became a teacher. He also traveled around talking about the importance of learning. (What was Booker T. Washington's job?)
• Jackie Robinson was the first African American baseball player in Major League Baseball. He played for the Brooklyn Dodgers and won the World Series in 1955. (What sport did Jackie Robinson play?)

This is not a comprehensive review of black history, slavery or the civil rights movement but rather a few key pieces are highlighted for a special education class. The text is very basic so students can focus on the important pieces.

Includes four differentiated worksheets that add an optional writing component.
1) Circle the picture
2) Circle the word
3) Answer the question
4) Trace the answer

Please note: This is a digital download.  You will download, print, and prep as needed. No physical items will be sent to you.

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