Hopefully you have no trouble with your order, but just in case, here are a few troubleshooting tips!  Try these first and then contact me if you're still stuck!


How do I get my resources?

After purchasing, you will be taken to an order confirmation page.  It will also display links to download your resources (it takes a moment to populate so keep an eye on the spinning wheel).  You can download the resources immediately from this page.

You will also receive an emailed receipt and a separate email with links to your resources.  I recommend you download them right away and then save the email in case you need to access them again.


I can't find the download email.  How do I get my resources?

If you just made your purchase, check out spam, junk or promotions folders (how dare they think your new work tasks are junk!?!).

If you still can't find it or your order was a while ago, please email me with your order number if you have those.  If not, give me as much information as you can - your name, the email used to check out, approximate date of purchase, etc so I can find your resources and resend the link.

***I often get bounce back messages from email address typos.  If you don't get any emails from me, please reach out so I can update your profile and send along your resources.


I can't open my purchase.  What am I doing wrong?

Here are the most common solutions that may help -

  • Don't open the files on your phone.
  • Download the files to your computer.
  • Open PDFs in Adobe Reader; don't let your browser open the files in a tab.
  • If the download is a zip file, you need to unzip it after saving to your computer.


I'm still having technical trouble with my resource. What am I doing wrong?

Ugh.  Tech troubles are the worst!  Here are a few ideas -

  • Are you opening the file in Adobe?  Opening the file in your browser might turn the file to nonsense and it may not print properly.  Download the file to your computer first and then open it in Adobe Reader. 
  • Is your Adobe Reader up to date?  This is almost always the reason black boxes are printing instead of images.
adobe reader logo PDF
  • Have you unzipped the file?  Some of my resources are delivered in a zipped format.  You will need to download it to your computer first.  Then unzip the folder to access each individual file (right click and choose Extract All on a PC or double click the folder on a Mac).  Most phones and tablets are not capable of properly unzipping the folder.

computer screenshot of zip folder and menu

If you still need help, email me so I can help.  PLEASE give me as much information as possible about what you are encountering. 

When I get emails that simply say "I can't get my purchase" I'm not sure if that means you never got the links, you're getting an error message, the PDF opens but the format looks strange, it's not printing properly etc. 

I can't help until I email you back and then wait for you to respond with more detail.  Help me help you!