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Errorless Shapes Flip Books

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Errorless Shapes Flip Books
Errorless Shapes Flip Books
Errorless Shapes Flip Books
Errorless Shapes Flip Books

This errorless resource includes 10 shapes flip books. These are perfect for independent work tasks in your special education classroom. Students identify and recognize shapes.

The beauty of errorless tasks is there is no wrong answer! Students learn how to complete independent work. Errorless flip books can be a great way to guarantee success for early learners, reluctant and/or anxious students.

Some of the targeted skills include:
• Identifying shapes - circles, squares, rectangles, triangles, ovals, rhombuses/diamonds, pentagons, hexagons, octagons and trapezoids
• Fine motor - pincer grasp
• One to one correspondence

• 10 shapes flip books
• "Any time" themed - can be used all year

Includes directions for making, setting up and using the flip books. While created for students with autism in mind, these can be great for any special education or early childhood classroom.

Please note: This is a digital download.  You will download, print, and prep as needed. No physical items will be sent to you.

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