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Fall Cut and Paste Math Worksheets

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Fall Cut and Paste Math Worksheets
Fall Cut and Paste Math Worksheets
Fall Cut and Paste Math Worksheets
Fall Cut and Paste Math Worksheets

Review basic math skills with these differentiated cut and paste fall themed printables. These worksheets cover 10 skills adapted to 2 levels for each skill. Includes visual supports perfect for your students with autism.

Students will practice fine motor skills while learning concepts such as sorting big or small, empty or full, patterning, graphing, counting and more.

These worksheets are no prep and black and white saving you time and ink! Use these during your math groups or as independent work to target multiple goals at once.

• Level 1: students practice the math skill and are given extra visual cues
• Level 2: students practice the skill without extra visual cues

Concepts covered:
1. Counting 1-5
2. Counting 6-10
3. Strip puzzles 1-5
4. Strip puzzles 6-10
5. Greater or less than
6. Big or small sorting
7. Empty or full sorting
8. Shapes matching
9. Patterning
10. Graphing

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