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Personal Hygiene - Hand Washing Activities

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Personal Hygiene - Hand Washing Activities
Personal Hygiene - Hand Washing Activities
Personal Hygiene - Hand Washing Activities
Personal Hygiene - Hand Washing Activities

This life skills resource includes 6 activities and resources to teach hand washing to special education students. Use as independent work tasks or group health lessons.

This resource will help your students learn when and how to wash their hands even though they may not understand why. Students with autism are often great rule and schedule followers so focusing on creating this healthy routine is more beneficial for your students than understanding the science behind it!

These materials were created for special education students, particularly those with autism. It does not go into depth about germs and spreading of disease. If your students are able to comprehend that material, there are many activities online you can seek out to supplement this packet (the glitter and hand sanitizer germ spreading activity comes to mind).

• Adapted Book:
Interactive book about when we wash our hands. Helps students identify before and after.
*I will wash my hands _______ eating my snack. (before)
*I will wash my hands _______ playing outside. (after)

• Task Strips:
Three pre-made illustrated task strips with various materials for home, school and community settings. Also contains icons to cut and paste a custom strip to match your setting. Laminate these strips and put them on the mirror so students have a visual guide to washing their hands.

• Matching Activity: Identical matching file folder using hand washing materials.

• Sequencing:
Put the steps of hand washing in order. Includes 12 4.25"x5.5" cards.

• Social Narrative:
Illustrated short story about when and why we wash our hands.

• Video Links:
Links to four fun and engaging hand washing YouTube videos.

Please note: This is a digital download.  You will download, print, and prep as needed. No physical items will be sent to you.

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