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I Feel and I Need Visual Aid File Folder

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I Feel and I Need Visual Aid File Folder
I Feel and I Need Visual Aid File Folder
I Feel and I Need Visual Aid File Folder
I Feel and I Need Visual Aid File Folder

This visual choice board is a simple resource for your special education or inclusion classroom. Providing a student with this handy file folder visual support may allow him to express his needs without having to find the words. 

While this visual was designed for students with autism, it can be beneficial for any struggling students. Even verbal students can have trouble retrieving the words or articulating what they need. Offering this simple visual can aid a student in saying "I feel confused. I need help" or "I feel frustrated. I need a break."

This is not meant to be a choice board for 'wants' which is why toys, computer, iPad etc is not provided. Rather this is a support to use when a student is struggling, overstimulated, frustrated, overwhelmed, sick, upset, tired, confused etc. 

Teachers, paras, aides and therapists who have built a relationship with a student can often guess what the student feels and needs in these moments. However, responding to an outburst, problem behavior or non-compliance with what they are likely looking for reinforces an improper way to request those things. This visual support can help students learn to ask appropriately!

Packet includes folder labels, instructions to make the file folder and directions for use. I have included two pages of basic 'feel' and related 'need' icons along with a few blanks for you to include student specific items.

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