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Autism Visual Supports Bundle

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Autism Visual Supports Bundle
Autism Visual Supports Bundle
Autism Visual Supports Bundle
Autism Visual Supports Bundle
Autism Visual Supports Bundle

Grab this huge bundle of visual supports for your special education classroom! Using visuals, particularly with students with autism, is a best practice and can increase independence, decrease transition difficulties, increase positive behaviors, provide clear expectations and increase motivation among other benefits.

I'm seriously so excited that you're here because this resource has the power to transform your classroom!

We cannot eliminate the visual stimuli our students experience, but we can limit the auditory clutter by using visuals supports!

You will:

  • increase independence
  • decrease transition difficulties
  • increase positive behaviors
  • provide clear expectations
  • increase motivation

Sounds awesome right?

Need more specifics?  Here’s what’s included:

Click on the links if you'd rather purchase pieces separately.

One teacher told me, “Thank you! I am an experienced teacher, new to special ed, and this is a real lifesaver!”

Another shared, “This product has it all. So many ways for the students to have visuals to prompt them to stay on task, communicate needs and wants and time anticipations. I love this. Thanks!!”

And finally and perhaps most importantly, “Certainly saved a lot of time finding it all in one bundle.” 

We all need more time to truly connect with and teach our students. Searching for icons and formatting visual supports shouldn't be where you spend your time. These will help!

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