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PE Visual Supports and Schedules

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PE Visual Supports and Schedules
PE Visual Supports and Schedules
PE Visual Supports and Schedules
PE Visual Supports and Schedules

These PE visual supports will help your special education students succeed in physical education! Add schedules, visuals, rules and communication supports to gym activities with this resource.

PE can be challenging for students with autism. The sensory experience and gross motor requirements can lead to anxiety and frustration. Setting expectations and providing communication supports can help you reduce some of these challenges.

PE can be an opportunity for inclusion but we must take extra steps to make sure our special education students are successful. Simply putting them with their peers can be a recipe for disaster! 

Two of the easiest ways to increase the likelihood of success is to provide structure with schedules and offer choices using visuals.

• 112 schedule and choice icons with stretches, warm ups, activities, sports, actions, equipment and yoga moves
• “I want” communication strips
• Communication visual with requests
• Station match points and schedule icons
• Green/Red schedule
• First/Next/Last and First/Next/Then/Last schedules
• Mini rules visuals for student desks
• Full page rules visuals

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Includes instructions to set up and use each support.

Please note: This is a digital download.  You will download, print, and prep as needed. No physical items will be sent to you.

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